Our team of dedicated, professional administrators reflects the diversified community of International Pioneers School-Salalah . The administration team consists of nationals of The Sultanate of Oman, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Tunisia, United States of America, Egypt and India. Our team is available to impart information about our vision, mission, core values, our curriculum, our admission criteria & policy just to mention a few. Our team is a helpful team who are willing to go the extra mile to facilitate the parents and students.

We at IPS are extremely proud of our academia’s who come from all continents of the world making IPS a global institute. We have teachers and administrators from many different countries hailing from nations including Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Great Britain, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Tunisia, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe and we are always striving to present cultural diversity to our learners.
All of the teachers at IPS receive professional development, training at various workshops held on and off the campus. They are trained in the principles inherent in the Modern Philosophy of Education. As well, our teachers continually reinforce social education through imparting human values wherever possible within their class lessons. We also have specialist teachers in the subjects of ‘English as a Second Language, Core Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Sciences, Spoken Arabic for Non Arabs and Computer Studies.

We would like to thank all those who showed interest in joining the PTA. The voting was casted by fellow parents and the PTA is announced as follows:


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