One of the best features of International Pioneers School-Salalah is that the daily lunch meals which are served to the children are nutritious, healthy, full meals of mainly continental cuisine offering vegan and non-vegan options. These meals are prepared and cooked directly on the IPS campus premises in the modern, fully-facilitated kitchen located in the Administration Block.

As International Pioneers School-Salalah is a ‘day’ school, the parents of our students are offered the option of using the school’s own transportation system for bringing their children to and from school. For this, IPS has a fleet of transportation fully Air-Conditioned. Complementing the vehicular service is the supervision performed by the bus-duty teachers and lady helpers who accompany the students in each van and coaster on the trip to school and the trip home.

A full-time and experienced School nurse is available throughout every school day, and also at other functions to provide quality medical attention to the entire school community. All newly registered students are expected to provide up-to-date medical records (medical history, immunization records etc.) which are kept in secure files in the Student’s record. Throughout the school year, the Nurse does routine health check up’s, contacts parents as required regarding student health, and engages with the wider school community on issues of nutrition, general health and safety. IPS is working closely with the Ministry of Health in administrating any immunization and health programs.

At International Pioneers School-Salalah, a great number of security and safeguarding measures have been put in place to provide a safe and secure environment for our students and staff members. The entire campus has a system of 86 surveillance cameras installed at strategic points. In addition, 24-hour security force which guards the schools premises as well as a designated Security In-charge employee who ensures that all visitors to IPS are authorized to enter the campus grounds.

Our Guidance officer is a specialist who delivers a broad range of services to the school community members. She contributes to the development of a comprehensive student support and wellbeing program that is responsive to the needs of the school community.
Guidance officers may work directly with students in addition to working with a student's teachers, school support personnel, family, other specialists or external support providers.
IPS is proud to provide support offered by our guidance officer who includes providing advice and counseling on educational, behavioural, vocational, personal, social, family, and mental health and wellbeing issues. Our qualified officer is always available to listen and support through empathy and care.

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